Aluminum Sliding and Double Swing Gates

Our modern and easy to install aluminum fence gate systems make any property stand out and highlight its architecture. No compromises in aesthetics and functionality.

Sliding gate without counterweight FENZ fits perfectly into modern architecture.

Exceptional Aesthetics

Our gates are characterized by an elegant and modern design that blends perfectly with any architecture.

Durability and safety

Made of high quality aluminum, our gates ensure the longevity and maximum security of your property.

Modern automation

Our gates are equipped with advanced automation systems that ensure convenience and ease of use.

Pioneering Design

The innovative design of our gates guarantees reliability and exceptional functionality, meeting the highest quality standards.

Design without compromise

When designing our gates, we focused on combining exceptional aesthetics with reliable functionality. Our gates are not only a security for your property, but also an element that emphasizes its modern character. Using the highest quality aluminum, we have created products that are weatherproof and provide longevity without the need for maintenance.

Every detail of our gates is thought out to provide you with a product that combines elegance with durability, perfectly blending in with modern buildings. When you choose our gates, you choose a design without compromise.


Our gates combine modern design, advanced technologies and the highest quality. Choose from sliding gates with counterweight, without counterweight and double-leaf sliding gates, perfectly suited to your needs.

Fence Lighting

Thanks to the possibility of installing custom lighting, our gates offer a unique look and additional functionality, emphasizing the modern style of your property.

Any height and width

By using modern design and aluminum, our gates are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also weatherproof.

Reliable automation

Our gates are equipped with modern automation systems that ensure ease of use and reliability in everyday use.

More than 200 unusual
colors of fences

Standar Taupe
Standar Zilver
Standar Svart
Standar Anthracite
RAL 7016
Cladding Oak

As standard, fences are available in four basic colors. In addition, we offer all colors from the RAL palette and wooden cladding.

Fence gates
all over Europe

Define your space
from 1200 zł/m

Value your fence and make your space have a real ending.