Innovative and original fencing system

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Modern and easy to install aluminum fencing systems that will make any garden stand out and highlight the architecture of the house. No compromises.

FENZ® main profile

The heart of our fence

In pursuit of continuous improvement of our products, we have patented the main profile. This is the heart of our aluminium fences, combining innovative solutions with functionality and aesthetics.

Pioneering Design

Space for 25mm aluminum profiles for stability.

Exceptional Aesthetics

Minimalist and at the same time very functional.

Durable powder coating

Powder coating gives our fences unparalleled weather resistance, significantly extending their service life. With a wide palette of more than 200 colors, we offer not only durability, but also unlimited aesthetic possibilities.

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We are pioneers in the fencing market, setting modern standards in manufacturing and design. Our innovative solutions combine durability with elegance to create unique and functional fences.

Profile thickness

The use of 25 mm aluminum profiles, ensures exceptional strength and stability of fences, which is crucial for their long-term quality and safety.

Aluminum and stainless steel

The use of aluminum and paint coatings creates a weatherproof product, combining durability with a modern look.

Custom Profiles

Our proprietary fence profiles, created without standard market components, guarantee higher quality and uniqueness of design.

Define your space
from 1200 zł/m

Value your fence and make your space have a real ending.